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SVMS Art Students at the Elmer Paseo in Sun Valley

ImageOn Thursday, November 7th, some of the Art students from Sun Valley Magnet school had the opportunity to participate in a community art project in our neighborhood.  Our students worked with two community artists from Materials and Applications and a landscape designer from The Council for Watershed Health in order to help wheat paste colorful graphics onto the wall in the Elmer Paseo in Sun Valley.  “The once blighted neighborhood alley, has been redesigned to reduce flooding, replenish groundwater supplies, add community green space, and provide habitat for birds and butterflies.  The interpretive graphics, designed by Urban Application’s team member and Art Center College of Design professor, Jen Silbert, depict the various flora and fauna of the Sun Valley area in the style of traditional Mexican Otomi patterning.”

Our Art and Science students will continue to help monitor the area by measuring rainfall, photographing the site, and raising awareness in the community about the importance of green space, clean water, and art installations.

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