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Principal’s Honor Roll, 15 Week, Spring

700-0-P1823-Principals-Honor-Roll-Award-Pin-Red-White-and-Blue-000Congratulations to the students of Sun Valley Middle School who earned a spot on the Principal’s Honor Roll.  They are being honored for their academic excellence.  The Principal’s Honor Roll includes students who have a 4.0 GPA (all A’s) with no unsatisfactory marks (U’s) in Work Habits or Cooperation on their Spring 15 Week Report Card.  Keep up the good work!

Principal’s Honor Roll

Eighth Grade:

  • Alexandra C.
  • Javier F.
  • Zaivy G. V.
  • Glendy G.

Seventh Grade:

  • Rosa A. L.
  • Stephanie B.
  • Peter G.
  • Zayda G. V.
  • Maricruz P.
  • Brandon R. G.
  • Eduardo S. C.
  • Julio S.
  • Valerie S.
  • Rab S.
  • Magali U.

Sixth Grade:

  • Jacqueline C.
  • Jessica D. L. C.
  • Julianna E.
  • Elizabeth L.
  • Daniel M.
  • Janet M.
  • Eduardo R.
  • Heydi R.
  • Dayna R.