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Chicago Bulls Basketball

Rose-tears-ACL-to-spoil-Bulls-Game-1-victory-G41D08G2-x-largeI’m pretty sure that everyone has heard of the Chicago Bulls basketball team.  They play in the NBA with 29 other teams.  The Bulls have six championships, that’s the 3rd most in the NBA.  This team wouldn’t have these championships if it weren’t for the legendary #23, Michael Jordan.

Jordan’s legacy has been passed down to Derrick Rose. Rose wears the number 1 and plays as a point guard for the Chicago Bulls.  In one memorable game, it was the Philadelphia 76ers against the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls were up by 12 with the score of 99-87, and suddenly Rose runs down the lane, jumps up and passes the ball to his teammate.  However, when he landed, he tore his ACL with 1 minute 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter.  Rose was injured in the 1st round, during 1st game of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Rose has been out for 1½ seasons and might return for the 2013 NBA Playoffs.  No one knows for sure because he said that his hamstrings still burn while he’s running in practice.  For now, his return shall remain a mystery.

By: Jason B.