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The Los Angeles Clippers

imgres-1My favorite sport is basketball, and my favorite team is the Los Angeles Clippers.  The Clippers home games are played at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.  I’ve been a Clipper fan since 2011.  The Clippers are a great team because they are so deep and have so much chemistry. They once had a 17 game winning streak.  The Clippers jersey colors are red, royal blue, and white. The coach of the clippers is Vinny Del Negro.  Their nickname is Lob City.  I like the Clippers so much because their games are filled with a lot of action and amazing dunks.  They have a great starting line up and an amazing bench.

My all-time favorite moment was when the Clippers were playing the Memphis Grizzlies in the playoffs, and they were down by 27 points.  The Clippers made a comeback to win the first round of the playoffs.

Another reason why I became a Clipper fan is because they have two of my favorite players, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.  I like them because Chris Paul passes Griffin the ball for frequent slam-dunks.

What I also like about the Clippers are the commentators Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith.  They are really fun to listen to because whenever the Clippers do something exciting or good, they say something cool that gets you pumped up to see the game.  I also like the bench when they get wild when something exciting happens.  These are all the reasons why I like the Los Angeles Clippers.

By: Brandon M.