Top Ten Things to do to Avoid Werewolves…..for Girls

images-3Top Ten Things to do to Avoid Werewolves…..for Girls

1.  Everyone knows you are supposed to have a silver spoon with chili around so you can smack werewolves in the eye with it.  The chili will go into the werewolf’s mouth, and they stay there tasting it and leave you alone.

2.  If the werewolf looks anything like Seth Clearwater from “Twilight,” DON’T HIT HIM WITH THE SPOON FULL OF CHILI! You will hurt him, and he is cute.  Instead tell him a pick up line.  For example, “Hey, I’ve never hugged a werewolf, so can you be the first werewolf in my life?”

3.  Never walk away from a werewolf because it will cry.  It’ll want another spoon with chili, so always, ALWAYS carry extra spoons with chili.

4.  If you are a girl, and the werewolf is flirting with you, make sure you don’t have a boyfriend because the werewolf is the super jealous type.  If you want him to get away, take out your perfume and spray him with it because he’s probably been hunting and smells disgusting.  He’ll leave because he will get offended and sense that you thought he stinks.

5.  Pretend you are a werewolf with rabies.  They won’t even look at you because they don’t want to get infected.

6.  To keep a werewolf entertained, throw a rubber ball.  If you don’t have a rubber or any type of ball, throw your container of blush.  Say it’s a miniature Frisbee with a surprise inside.  (If the werewolf is Seth Clearwater, it is the cutest thing to watch him play).

7.  Do not stare at the werewolf in the eyes.  If the werewolf starts talking to you, look at his nose and pretend to faint so he’ll leave.  Well, first he’ll turn back to human and kiss you (if you’re lucky).

8. If you want the werewolf to turn back to human, then wait until he falls asleep and give him a nice big treat so when he wakes up he turns back to being human.

9. Another way to avoid a werewolf is by just saying, “I have a big brother.”  They get TERRIFIED.

10. Finally, to get away for sure, call the werewolf a “dog” and he’ll whine about how he isn’t a dog.  Now all you have to do is lay down and roll as far as possible.  Then stand up and run!

By: Thania A.