How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

imgres-1How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

1.  Always have 4-10 prepared people with you at all times.

2.  Have a kit with food, water, matches, a first aid kit, sweater or jacket, and any thing extra like a radio or rope.

3.  Find a safe location that is either camouflaged or heavily guarded that provides shelter and necessities.  A house at sea is for me because zombies can’t swim.

4.  Get together a smart team, someone with brains, someone with medical experience, a good weapon handler, and a brave person.

5.  Have stealth because zombies are attracted by noise.

6.  You must have a house defense system, something that will protect your safe house from zombies.  Me personally, I would put treadmills outside my house, so when zombies attack they all slip, unless they know how to use it.

7.  If you are with people that you just met, watch your back.  Many people will do anything to survive, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

8.  Always have a back up house or place where you can go, just in case the zombies overrun your place.  This back up place needs the same thing as the old safe house.  You also need more than one exit from your house.

9.  Always watch your back.  You do not know when something could go wrong, so you should think of turning around very often.

10.  If one of your team members gets bitten, amputate their bitten limb and hope that they survive.

By: Pedro U.