How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse


1.  Gather supplies, such as water, canned food, and other necessities of life.
2.  Find shelter as soon as possible.
3.  Fortify your new home by boarding up any open windows or holes through which zombies can crawl.
4.  Try to scavenge for and medicine and more food.
5.  Be very stealthy and try not to make a lot noise because it will attract the undead.
6.  Set up a way to capture rain and begin to farm fruits and vegetables.
7.  Try to find other survivors, and bring them back to your shelter.  However, first check the survivors for cuts, scratches, and bite marks, just to be safe.
8.  Get other survivors to start building a community and begin building houses.
9.  Build a tall fence or wall around your house to protect yourself from the undead.
10.  Never stop searching for food, medicine, and other survivors.

By: Melvin R.



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