Spring Fashion, Denim Vans

denimvans1I think that denim Vans will be popular in this year’s Spring fashion.  These shoes are a really cute style for both guys and girls.  Girls can wear these shoes with a really cute top and some denim shorts, capris, or even a denim skirt!  They can also put on a really cute denim jacket to match their outfit and shoes.  Guys can wear these Vans with some denim shorts or pants.  I really like this style of Vans because I think that they’re really different from a lot of shoes that I’ve seen.  Maybe since they’re different, people might want to wear them this Spring.  So far, I haven’t seen anyone with denim Vans on.  Denim Vans are a very unique style of shoes that I would love to own.

By: Sabrina C.




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