Spring Fashion Report

ImageSpring is here, time for glasses, hats, and new haircuts.  Of course, everyone knows summer is coming up, and it’s going to be hot in Los Angeles, so here’s some stuff you should wear to stay in style and keep cool.  You’ll need some sunglasses, a hat, some cut-off pants or shorts, open toed shoes, and an accessory, like a watch or a necklace.  So, if you’re going to be prepared for the Summer, you might as well try some of these items. Backpacks also are a big thing because they hold your accessories.  The backpack I prefer is the JanSport because it’s durable and roomy.  The type of shoes you wear is important for your style and your activities.  I’d consider Nikes because they are really comfortable and good for running and skating.  That leaves us with necklaces.  I prefer wearing the cross because of my religion, but it’s your choice.  If you’re looking to wear an expensive necklace, better hope you don’t lose it!  I hope that this article helps you with your with your Spring and Summer fashion choices.

By: Pedro U.