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Classic Cars, The 1955 Ford Thunderbird

1955FordThunderbirdThe type of classic transportation that I’ve chosen to report on is an automobile but not just any ordinary car, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird.  The Thunderbird made its name during the year 1954 at a local auto show where it was first unveiled, and within a year of that very unveiling, made an impact on the automobile world.

I adore this car; it’s a work of art and has a vintage look to it that I find amazing.  From its color ways to its insane horse power, no other car was even close to this masterpiece during its time.  It wasn’t even labeled under the term “sports car,” no, but in fact marketed under “the personal car.”  It was definitely stylish at that time with its sporty two-seat style and convertible roof.  Surely this is a classic but, at the same time, timeless.

By: Jose L.