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Mister Greer’s Super Bowl Pick

ColinOn Sunday, February 3rd the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will meet in Super Bowl LXVII in what will undoubtedly be a close and hard-fought battle between two of the NFL’s finest.  There are many great stories to go with this matchup, starting with a resurgent Joe V. Flacco at the helm for the purple blackbirds, and the “illustrated QB,” rookie Colin Kaepernick leading the way for the red and gold.

Retiring linebacker Ray “The Knife” Lewis will be playing the last game of his sketchy, 17 year career,  and this will be the first trip to the Super Bowl for B’more since 2001. This New Orleans “Bros Bowl” features the brothers Harbaugh (Ravens coach John and 49ers coach Jim) in the niner’s first SB since 1994, and they’ll no doubt be putting  mom and dad Harbaugh in a very proud, but difficult spot.  Who are they going to cheer for?

Mister Greer’s Super Bowl LXVII prediction:

Sorry Ray the Knife, time to move over and make room for the painted rookie, Super Bowl MVP Colin Kaepernick!

Final score: S.F.  38  –  Baltimore  27

By: Mr. Greer