Our Favorite TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory

bazingaMy favorite TV show is named The Big Bang Theory.  I like this show because, in my opinion, it’s very funny.  I also like this show because I’m into comedy.  I would recommend this show to other people.  The names of the main characters are Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Penny. The character that is the funniest is Sheldon because he always criticizes and judges people.  The characters often do dumb things that come off as being funny or problematic.  They all have their own problems, and they are all funny in their own way, but like I said, I think Sheldon is the funniest.  Penny always has problems with her relationships and gets depressed after she finds out that her boyfriend is not the right one.  Leonard is a nerd that likes Penny and eventually becomes her boyfriend.  Raj isn’t that good with the ladies; he gets all weird or gets nervous around women.  Howard is a real “ladies man” that still talks with his mom on a frequent basis.  His mom has problems with his girlfriend.  In summary, like Sheldon would say, “Bazinga!”

By: Victor C.the-big-bang-theory-cast350px-Season_2_Promo_Pic


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